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Manny Pacquiao di pa maidilat ang mga mata matapos ang laban kay Ugas?

Caption ni Jinkee Pacquiao sa kanyang IG post habang todo sa pagaasikaso at pagalaga kay senador Manny matapos ang laban kay Ugas: "Your best friend should be your spouse. ✨ Marriage is a unique, fragile bond between man and a woman. It is unique in that no other relationship between man and a woman allows them to become one. 🤍 If a couple keeps the romance alive in their own marriage, the temptation to look for someone else to meet their needs will be much less appealing. Walk with your spouse. Keep the romance and friendship alive in your marriage. Spend time together. Be genuinely interested in one another's lives. Treat your partner with respect. Don't be an easy target for Satan's arrows. Keep moving forward in your relationship with Christ and with your spouse. And lastly, Marriage is for companionship. (Proverbs 18:22)It is not just some simple agreement between two people. It is a unique blessing from God himself. Constantly cultivate your friendship.  Te