"Pacquiao paid for my cancer treatment even he didn't know me" -Wendell

"Probably I could cry. He didn't even know me. He just said 'No Problem.'  We met 10, 11 years ago. I was sick. I had leukemia. I had cancer and then I ask him for help. He helped me with my medications. That's how he knew me. After I get well he hired me as his photographer." - Wendell

Ma Theresa Quijano wrote: 

"He just said "No Problem".
That's how humble he is.

I remember him when we were shooting for Rexona, there was a child who had cancer that time who came to him with the parents to personally asked for help. And Manny just told his staff to coordinate with the parents for the child's needs. No question asked. I've worked with him several times after that. People just come and go asking for financial help.

He really is generous. All his money literally comes from his sweat and blood. He didn't stole it from the people. Or used someone to gain it. It all came fr hardwork and dedication. He does share his blessings.

Those politicians and people who mock him, you don't have any idea how big his heart is.

Mabuhay ka!"

Red Cloud wrote:

"Manny Pacquiao is also building houses in Africa for the Pygmies for years now.

Also, planned to donate all the earnings for his supposed exhibition fight against Conor Mcgregor for them.

What we might not know is probably some of his earning in each fights was being donated anonymously anyway."

Monsoon888 wrote:

"A total stranger in a hotel lobby asks Manny for help. Manny's response, "No Problem". Proceeds to save a man's life.

Love him or hate him, we can learn a thing or two from this guy."


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