Katibayan na ang Pilipinas ang Ancient "Land of Gold Ophir" na nakasulat sa Bibliya

Gaano katotoo ang teorya na ang Pilipinas na ang lupang tinawag na Ophir tulad ng nakasaad sa Bibliya?

Yes Philippines is the Ophir. There were who claimed that Ophir could be Africa or India but they never fit to the description of Ophir. Ophir is described as:

-Multitude of Islands in the East, the climate not cold and not dessert hot. it’s Philippines. Africa and India are not multitude of Islands while Philippines is 7,107 islands

-Has lots of Gold and Silver. Philippines is the number one supplier of Gold and silver in ancient times. They could even just picked gold nuggets in some river and even slaves wore gold.

-Solomon got ivory from Ophir. Though no more elephants nowadays in Philippines, there is archeological discovery lately of lots of Elephant bones buried somewhere in Philippines. It is believed that Philippines was abundant of Elephants during ancient times.

-has lots of Exotic birds. Philippines has the highest number of bird species in the world.

-People love to wear blue and purple. Ancient Filipinos love to wear blue and purple.

-People in Ophir loves to sing. Most of Filipino households own karaoke and even some sounds out of tune they still sing. Party is not a party without music and Filipinos is renowned as exceptional singers.

-Solomon got Red Sandalwood trees also called as Narra Tree. Red Sandalwood Tree is the Philippines’ national tree.

-Solomon get Pearls from Ophir. Philippines is abundant of pearls and the country is called Pearl of the Orient Seas. India and Africa are not abundant of Pearls.

-has the finest marble. Only Philippines has the finest marble in the world.

-3 years travel back and forth from Israel to Ophir. Only Philippines then in the East take 3 years to travel from Israel back and forth. It took 6–8 months to travel Israel to India or Africa.

-The prophecy about Ophir is it will spread the gospel throughout the world in the later times. Philippines is number one in terms of sending Missionaries for spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-true-is-the-theory-of-the-Philippines-being-the-land-called-Ophir-as-stated-in-the-Bible


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