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Pensiyon ng mga Senior Citizen Gawing P12,000 kada Taon

From the minimum of P6,000 per year, Senator Juan Edgardo Angara wants to raise the annual social pension of senior citizens in the country to P12,000 per year. Angara made the proposal after half of the senior citizens in the country did not receive any kind of pension in their lives. "They're retired, if they have some money that they have accumulated, it's still less expensive than they spend the day. And it does not include check-ups for doctors and medicines that need to be purchased, "said the senator. Currently, indigent senior citzen receives P500 per month or P6,000 per year. In Senate Bill 133, which seeks to amend the Expanded Senior Citizen's Act of 2010, senators want to increase the social status of senior citizens to 100 percent or P12,000 per year. Angara wants to expand the coverage of the measure in which all grandparents who do not receive a pension are covered by it. “A review of the social pension system will be done every