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Tsunami Alert after Magnitute 7.7 Quake Hits Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake measuring magnitude 7.7 has struck Papua New Guinea, triggering a tsunami alert for the country and the nearby Solomon Islands. According to the US Geological Survey, the center of the earthquake is in Rabaul's eastern coast was recorded. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has been releasing a tsunami threat in parts of the Pacific after the earthquake. Papua New Guinea sits on the Pacific's "Ring of Fire," the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occur.

Dinaya Kami! Otso Diretso Supporters on Twitter Probe the Credibility of the 2019 Elections

Otso Diretso supporters on Twitter suspected that the results for the 2019 senatorial elections were rigged by Commission on Elections, saying that the malfunctioning vote counting machines might be contributed to the inaccuracy of the tally. Here are some of the comments of netizens on Twitter. Are those counts genuine? How does anyone know? The reason it’s called a ‘transparency server’ is clear, but it’s going offline for hours is very unclear, and suspicious. @COMELEC needs to explain why this could be #HalalanDayaan2019 . — Leah Navarro (@leahnavarro) May 13, 2019 They were rejected by the majority, but it's more of a rejection to change and progress. We lost brave and courageous candidates who are willing to fight for us and stand against the administration. Let's educate others and make it happen in 2022! #HalalanDayaan2019 — lance (@_lancekeane) May 13, 2019 The devastating part is, there's no assurance that all

PARTY-LIST Partial and Unofficial Results

UPDATE: Partial and Unofficial, PARTY-LIST Results as of May 14, 2019, 5:13PM Source:  DZRH News Television