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90-Year-Old Man who Tried to Assassinate President Duterte and Bong Go Arrested

Former Special Assistant to the President Bong Go confirmed yesterday that a 90-year-old gunman allegedly plotted to assassinate him and President Rodrigo Duterte. "An old man went to OSAP in Davao City and he probably had a plan to kill me," says SAP Go in his Twitter account. Loading... The police arrested the 90-year-old Bambaran Bantog Bantaran, from Lanao del Sur. A 45-gun caliber, 11 rounds of ammunition and 2-pointed Bantog were placed in his sling bag headed to SAP Go's office in Davao City at around 5:00 pm. Bantog admitted to the police that his purpose in Davao City was to kill President Duterte and Go. The police are preparing the illegal possession of firearm, deadly weapon and gun ban on self-confess ed assassins by President Duterte and Go. The authorities are also trying to convince the assassin who ordered him to kill the President and Go.