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This Piglet was born with 3 Eyes and 2 Eyes in Tacurong City

The residents of Barangay Calian are surprised by a pig with a unique appearance. It was 10 am on Thursday when the hog of Adelita Dalipe started giving birth. The first seven piglet was born normally. But when the eighth piglet came out, they were surprised to what they saw. Loading... The piglet has two heads, two snout and three eyes. According to Dalipe, they fed the mother pig with feeds so they wondered why the piglet looks like this. Veterinarian Allan Alimajen Jr. explained that there was a polycephaly condition in which the sperm was closed and did not separate so another piglet did not form instead. This condition is also common in some livestock animals and even in humans. But this condition usually does not last long. Until now, the piglet is still alive and actively engaged but not walking properly because of the weight of his head.