Maternity Benefits ng SSS aabot ng P70,000 simula Enero 2020

Maternity assistance from maternal and child health workers will increase starting January 2020.

According to SSS President and CEO Aurora Ignacio, from the previous P32,000 it will increase to P70,000 - is to be granted as maternity benefit to newborn female SSS members that is employed or self-employed.

Ignacio explained that this was due to the implementation of the new minimum and maximum monthly salary credit based on the implementation of Republic Act No. 11210 or Expanded Maternity Leave Act and SSS Act of 2018.

Meanwhile, SSS is proud that since the implementation of the Expanded Maternity Leave Act has reached 122,000 mothers who have benefited more than P2.67-B from January to April this year.

Source: PNA


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