LTO Fines and Penalties in the Philippines

I. LTO Violations fee relative to Licensing

1. Driving without license in the Philippines

LTO Fine: Php 3,000

2. LTO penalty for not wearing seatbelt in the Philippines

LTO Fine:

First violation: Php 1,000
Second violation: Php 2,000
Third violation: Php 5,000

The seat belt law Philippines is applied for both drivers and the passengers. Important to note that, having 6-year-old children on the front seat without a seat belt, drivers also have to pay for the ticket.

3. Driving under the impact of alcohol/dangerous drugs

LTO Fine: Php 5,000

Added to the LTO violation fee, motorists who drive after drinking alcohol or using drugs may get a twelve-month driver’s license suspension (implemented for non-professional driver’s license) in the first time.

For people who are holding a professional license shall be canceled the license constantly for the first offense.

4. Careless driving

First conviction: Php 2,000
Second conviction: Php 3,000
Subsequent conviction: Php 10,000

All drivers should keep in mind to turn on the signal lights when changing lanes, but sometimes they are too lazy and reckless when the roads are free. Failure to traffic signs can lead to serious accidents or the chances of getting a ticket.

5. Other LTO violations and penalties for breaking traffic rules

LTO fine: Php 1,000

It is applied in case of the common traffic violations. For example:
  • Illegal parking fine
  • Disobeying traffic lights
  • Driving in the prohibited roads
  • Failure to darken the headlamps
  • Illegal turn or overtaking
Remember that these following LTO violations fees have their validity and effect in most cities in the Philippines. But for some special case, such as Quezon city traffic violation fines are implemented under under Ordinance No. SP-2337, S-2014 as amended by Ordinance No. SP-2516 S-2016

II. LTO Fines and Penalties connected with car registration/renewal

1. Driving without valid vehicle registration

LTO Fine: Php10,000

2. Driving an illegally modified car

LTO fine: Php 5,000

3. Running a right-hand car

LTO fine: Php 50,000

III. LTO Fines and Penalties in connection with vehicles accessories, equipment, parts.

1. Driving a car without proper/authorized devices, equipment, accessories or car part

LTO Fine: Php 5,000

This LTO violation is implemented for vehicles parts includes:
  • Brake system
  • Car light system: headlights, sidelights, interior lights...
  • Blinkers
  • Warning devices
  • Horns
  • Other accessories, equipment that may endanger road safety
2. Operating a car  with an improper attachment/unauthorized of motor vehicle license plate

LTO Fine: Php 5,000

Any action of attaching or tempering any improper stickers or illegal license plate in any visible position on the cars are prohibited.

3. Smoke Belching

LTO office stipulates the standard emission gasoline of each vehicle. If the car does exceed the allowed volume, the drivers may suffer the following fines:

First offense: Php 2,000
Second offense: Php 4,000
Third offense: Php 6,000

4. Other related LTO violations

LTO Fine: Php 2,000

For the complete list of LTO violation implemented in the Philippines, check out the LTO fines and penalties 2018 pdf.


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