First Farmer-Owned Motorcycle Tire Brand Pilipinas Agila Tires

The first farmer-owned motorcycle tire brand Pilipinas Agila Tires will be sold in the market starting next month at prices lower than imported ones.

President Rody Duterte will be requested to officially launch the marketing of the Pilipinas Agila 300x17 motorcycle tires which comes exactly one year after the Philippine Rubber Industry Road Map was crafted and presented to him by the DA and the Department of Trade and Industry.

The manufacturing and marketing of the tires for working motorcycles commonly known as "habal-habal" and tricycle marks a small step forward in the program of the Department of Agriculture to elevate the farmer from the status of a raw material producer to the processor and merchandiser of finished products with added-value.

The Philippine Rubber Farmers' Cooperative composed of rubber farmers from all over Mindanao and Palawan leads the effort to develop finished products from the raw rubber cup lumps.

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