Reasons Why Cellphones and Gadgets are Bad For Your Health

Gadgets have become a part of our lives. It is also called "needs". It is used anywhere-or older to be entertained or unable to communicate.

But it is not clear to us, the excessive use of gadgets has a bad effect on our health. Here are some:

Sleep problems

This is the leading effect of excessive use of gadgets. The blue light we get from our gadgets can produce slow sleep hormone production. We feel that we need to be awake and alert but in fact it keeps us from going to sleep.

Tech neck

The "tech neck" is the common feeling of pain in our neck and shoulders. This is why we rely long before our computers and gadgets.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is the tiredness of our eyes due to excessive focus on our gadgets. This can cause irritation and blurring of our eyes.

Poor Posture

Due to the overwhelming use of our cell phones it can cause our backslashes to sit in the same position for a long time.

Laptop Laziness

The excessive use of gadgets increases the likelihood of our body affecting to reduce our physical activity.

These are just some of the negative effects of using gadgets. Using gadgets is normal but we limit the use of it to avoid its impact.


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